Thank you!

Today, I just want to say thank you! I don’t know how many people are actually reading this but I want to put it out there. Thank you to everyone who has brought us food so that I didn’t have to worry about making dinner. Thank you to everyone who has been praying and thinking about us. We appreciate it more than we could ever tell you. Thank you to all of our wonderful family and friends who have been there for us and are helping us through this. Thank you to everyone who has donated to Renix’s Memorial Fund. We greatly appreciate it! I just wanted to show anyone reading this some of the the things we’ve done so far. We purchased Renix’s urn (just showed up today) for the ashes we want to keep, and it is absolutely perfect. Made me cry when I opened it. Those are his actual footprints (not actual size) and the container itself is made of beautiful black marble. We also purchased two shadowboxes. One for Renix and one for Zenavieve, and put them together and hung them up with our wedding shadowbox. I love them! It brings a smile to my face to see how far Z has come when I look at hers, and it also helps me to be able to see Renix’s things instead of keeping them put away in the closet like some dark secret. And having our wedding one in the middle reminds me of one of the best days of my life. We still are undecided on what we are going to do as far as a memorial goes and we will let people know as soon as we figure it out ourselves. Thank you again for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers and for everything you all have done for us. If anyone would like to help out but doesn’t know how, Renix’s memorial fund is still open. Or we just appreciate thoughts and prayers.

Renix's UrnZenavieve's Shadowbox Wedding Shadowbox  Renix's ShadowboxAll Three Shadowboxes


3 thoughts on “Thank you!

  1. Beautiful !!! I love the shadow boxes! They are perfect! Hugs. You guys are always in my thoughts. Wish I could be closer to come give you a hug but heres a virtual one ((((((((((hugs))))))))))).


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