We received a care package this weekend from a very sweet lady that Ben and I went to high school with. She had a little boy who was born an angel a couple years ago. She sent us a flag to go in a garden, and several different kinds of flowers seeds to plant in that garden. She also sent an urn necklace and a very sweet card. But the most touching of all is this teddy bear, that is 8 inches long and weighted to 8 ounces. Renix’s measurements. It brought tears to my eyes. Our very generous landlord (bens brother) has also offered to make us a flower garden to plant it all in. 

We went up to the hospital Sunday to say goodbye to a very sweet man. My great uncle Frank. He passed away from a short battle with pancreatic cancer yesterday afternoon. We weren’t super close, but he was always a happy an joyous person. His laugh was infectious. He will be greatly missed. I’m glad I got to hug him and tell him I loved him one more time. 

While we were there we went and saw Renix’s name on the wall in the angel room and took a picture for ourselves. It’s bittersweet to his name up there. But thank you again to all those who made it happen.




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