Mother’s Day 

I have been doin better since the balloon release. I think it’s because I finally feel like we’ve gotten a little closure. But there’s days like today on Mother’s Day when I would give almost anything to be able to spend the day with both my babies. I want to wrap my arms around them both and never let go. I want to see my baby boy for Mother’s Day. I want to be able to play with both my kids. To hug them and kiss them and appreciate the fact that both of them made me into a mom and gave me the most amazing job title I could ever ask for. I miss my baby boy everyday. It feels like part of me is missing constantly. 

 My princess just came and joined us in bed so I’m going to snuggle her tight now. And my baby boy in heaven, mommy loves you sooo much! You will always be in my heart and thoughts. I love both my babies more than anything else in this whole world. Thanks for making me a mommy! 

Also, I’m so lucky to have three wonderful women who I get to call mom. My mom my step mom and my mother in law. I love you all! I’m thankful for everything all three of you have done for me!  Happy Mother’s Day!


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