So I’ve been thinking a lot lately that while this has been a great outlet for my pain and sadness, and I love having this blog to be able to vent and let go of some of that. But that pain and sadness is never going to go away it’s just another part of who I am now and that’s ok. I’m always going to miss my son but he wouldn’t want me to only dwell on the pain and sadness in our lives.  So this blog doesn’t only have to be when I need to vent about my anger pain and sadness, yes I am still broken but part of putting those pieces together is looking at the pieces that make me whole. So this blog can also be a place to share good times. Happy moments. Moments of Zen with my princess and a place to share the crafts and activities that we do together. 

Z’s bday is in a couple months and I’m going to try to make her cake myself from scratch. This is the cake I’m going to try to make  

 found on Pinterest. So we’ve been experimenting with different cakes and frostings and testing my decorating skills. Test one was vanilla cake and vanilla frosting.  

 They didn’t taste too bad but were a little plain. The frosting was good but very sugary tasting and a little softer than I was wanting. I used 1 drop of red food coloring to make the frosting pink but prob needed to use a little more. Ben did not like their coloring in this picture, was a little pinker in person.

So I found another recipie for pink lemonade cupcakes and here’s test two.  

   Using pink lemonade concentrate and a few drops of food coloring these pink cakes were looking pretty good for a princess party so far.  
 So I frosted them which worked out much better this time and Z and I tested them out. Very moist and delicious. Mix of sweet and tangy is awesome. “Uncle Deve” approved and ate like 4 lol.  

 I decorated a couple just for fun and think these might be perfect for a princess party. I will prob do a few more test runs though cuz well, you can never have too many cupcakes. 


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