Pink is the New Orange

Since Zenna will no longer get/have to share her room with her little brother we decided orange isn’t the best color for a princess.  

So thanks to my awesome dad and bonus mom as a late bday present we decided to give her a room fit for a princess.  

 We let her help paint as much as we could.  

  After primer  starting the gray.  

  First coats of gray 

  Starting the pink wall.  

 Love these two!

 When Zenna saw this wall she said “momma my whole wall is pink! It’s amazing mama! She was so excited!     

  We also added a few other splashes of pink..

 And since we had enough leftover paint I also decided to do her dresser and toybox to match.   

 The cool thing about Zenna’s dresser also is that it used to be my dresser when I was a kid and before that it was my mom’s dresser when she was a kid so it is now on it’s third generation. And to finish it all up my wonderful bonus mom came over and put Zenna’s name on the wall above her bed.    
 We spent five days working out asses off cleaning and scraping, taping and painting, but in the end it was all worth it because Zenna absolutely loves her room. And now we’ve got her a new bed and bedding on the way so she’s officially on her way to her big girl princess room. 

It’s things like this though that are bitter sweet because while I’m so excited for her to have a pretty girly princess big girl bedroom it wasn’t my plan. My plan was to have my son in there too they would have to share a room for a while but that’s OK I did when I was a kid. But I guess things never go according to plan. And I am grateful for the opportunity to give my daughter a very nice big girl room. 


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